“Converts complex cases into routine since I know rhexis will be perfect and strong.”

Dr. Jeffrey Fischer; Willmar, MN, USA

“Whether a perfectly circular capsulotomy for a premium IOL or a complicated case, Zepto can accomplish this for a much lower cost than FLACS and without disrupting surgical workflow.”

Dr. David Chang; Los Altos, CA., USA

“I love it when complex things get a simple and effective solution like Zepto.”

Dr. Walter Sekundo, Marburg, Germany

“Zepto is awesome to use, creates precisely placed capsulotomies and obviates the need for hydrodissection.”

Dr. Steve Sarkisian, Jr.; Oklahoma City, OK, USA

“Zepto takes capsulotomy accuracy and strength to another level while increasing efficiency in my operating room routine.”

Dr. Vance Thompson; Sioux Falls, SD, USA

“The lens was quite mobile without much hydrodissection, very little lens matter remaining after phaco and less IA required in Zepto cases. Fluid reflux at suction release achieves a near complete hydrodissection”

Dr. Rob Petrarca; Surrey, United Kingdom

“Zepto can be a useful & safe tool in creating ‘near perfect’ round openings in anterior capsule to facilitate surgery.”

Dr. Johnny Wu; Perth, Australia

“A breakthrough technology. Fills the void created by very expensive Femto. Is equally good, affordable, and seamlessly fits into your operation theatre.”

Dr. Rajesh Kapoor; Mumbai, India

“ a precise, perfectly centered capsulotomy more efficiently than femtolaser at a fraction of the cost.”

Dr. Chad Wolsky; Minot, ND, USA

“Quickly, safely & reliably creates perfect capsulotomy on the visual axis with increased capsulotomy strength.”

Dr. Tomy Starck; San Antonio, TX, USA

“……perfection, a feeling of achievement” “Zepto for all my cataracts, a must for premium IOLs. I will never look back.”

Dr. Eric Donnenfeld; Garden City, NY, USA

“I was very impressed with Zepto. It makes the best capsulorrhexis of any method and could be a game changer for all cataract surgery.”

Dr. Ed Holland; Cincinnati, OH, USA

“Zepto is a great device for ophthalmologists that makes our lives easier.”

Dr. Gabriel Quesada; San Salvador, El Salvador

“No other device can compete with Zepto’s capsulotomy strength!”

Dr. Claudio Orlich; San Jose, Costa Rica

“Given the choice, I would use Zepto on every patient.”

Dr. Richard Lindstrom; Bloomington, MN, USA


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