CRST January 2019 Zepto Waltz PCOIn early 2016, Dr. Kevin Waltz participated in initial trials of the Zepto capsulotomy system (Mynosys) at Clínica Quesada in San Salvador, El Salvador. The Zepto device was subsequently approved by the FDA in June 2017 based on a successful US-based 510(k) device clinical trial.

When Dr. Waltz went back to El Salvador in late 2017 to follow up on the anterior capsulotomies created 1.5 years before, he found that they had been remarkably stable over time. But even more interesting were the posterior capsules in these eyes. There was little to no PCO at 1.5 years after surgery (Figure 2 in the article). Based on his 20 years of experience performing surgery in Central America, Dr. Waltz found this absence of PCO was a very unusual finding.

Dr. Waltz attributes these findings in part to the strong anterior capsulotomy that the Zepto creates, combined with the flushing mechanism to release the vacuum from the eye after the capsulotomy is created.

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