Filling Zepto Handpiece with BSS using syringe

Filling Zepto Handpiece with Phacomachine

Plug the Zepto® control console power cord into a wall socket.  Toggle the switch on the back of the console to the ‘ON’ position.  The status light should blink green.

If the red fault light turns on, make sure the emergency off button has not been inadvertently pushed in.  Power off, pull the emergency off button out.  Then power back on.  The status light should be blinking green.  Contact the vendor if the console continues to show the red fault light on.

Download One-Page Set-Up Instruction Sheet

Non-Sterile Assistant (Circulating Nurse)

  • Open sterile packaging and hand ZEPTO HANDPIECE AND TUBING SET to sterile assistant (scrub nurse.)
  • Open FLUID ISOLATOR packaging and connect the fluid isolator to the console.

Sterile Assistant (Scrub Nurse)

  • Prime Zepto handpiece and suction line with BSS. Two methods can be used.
    Method 1 – Remove the end of the Zepto suction line and connect it to the suction line of the phacomachine. Using the fill function on the phacomachine, fill the Zepto suction line until BSS comes out from the Zepto tip. Close the red clamp (so BSS does not flow out).
    Method 2 – Fill a 10CC syringe with sterile BSS and connect it to the Zepto handpiece suction line. Prime handpiece suction line with BSS until BSS comes out through the handpiece’s protective cover. Make sure that no air remains in the suction line. CLOSE RED CLAMP on the suction line and remove syringe. Pass clamped line off to non-sterile assistant.

Non-Sterile Assistant (Circulating Nurse)

  • Connect the Zepto suction line to the fluid isolator. OPEN THE RED CLAMP. If the red clamp is left closed, there will be no suction delivered to the Zepto suction cup and NO capsulotomy will result.

Sterile Assistant (Scrub Nurse)

  • Hand BSS primed Zepto handpiece (with protective cover left on) to the surgeon.


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