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The Zepto capsulotomy system offers surgeons the opportunity to perform consistent, precise, safe capsulotomies at an accessible cost. It also is easy to use and helps surgeons safely address difficult cases.

“Our site was involved in the FDA trial for approval of the device. I had the chance to see it in action through the trial and to see it adopted soon after in our practice. I have personally performed close to 50 cases, and our group altogether has performed over 1,000,” Russell Swan, MD, told Ocular Surgery News.

There are two main areas in which the Zepto (Mynosys Cellular Devices) is most beneficial and most frequently used, he said. One is refractive cataract surgery, in which premium IOL centration is crucial.

“With the Zepto, you can be sure that your capsulotomy is perfectly circular and centered on the visual axis,” Swan said.

The other main indication is for challenging cases.

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